Bioaktivitas Produk Fermentasi Monascus

Ignatius Srianta, Ratna Megawati Widharna, Leonardus Broto S. Kardono


Monascus-fermented product has been used traditionally in Asian countries as food and medicine. Traditionally, Monascus-fermented rice was produced with cultivate Monascus sp. on steamed rice medium. During fermentation, Monascus sp. produce various metabolites. Beside pigments, Monascus sp. also
produces monacolin K, monascin, dimerumic acid, etc which possess positive health impacts. Recent studies reported that Monascus sp. could grow on non rice medium i.e. soybean, dioscorea, adlay etc. This paper is a review of bioactivities of Monascus-fermented products including anti-inflammatory, anti hypercholesterolemic, anti hyperlipidemia, anti hypertensive, antioxidant and anti diabetes activities.

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