Efek Antihiperurikemia Ekstrak Air Kelopak Bunga Rosela (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) pada Tikus Putih Wistar Jantan

Sri Wahyuningsih, Ellin Yulinah, . Sukrasno, Karina N


Antihyperuricemia effectivity had been studying of water extract roselle calyx (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) in Wistar
male rats used at 46.25 mg/kgBW, 92.5 mg/kgBW and 185 mg/kgBW by using uricostatic methods. In uricostatic
method had used drug comparison alopurinol 9 mg/kgBW of an induced with potassium oxonate 250 mg/kgBW
peritoneally and high purin diet which contained 10% seed of Gnetum gnemon administrations within 14
days. The test of uric acid content had observed on day 1, 7 and 14. The results showed in uricostatic method
with alopurinol as drug comparison that water extract of roselle calyx at doses 46,25 mg/kgBW and 185 mg/
kgBW had capability decreased the level of uric acid (p<0.05) toward control on day 14 in T60. Otherwise,
the elevated of uric acid excretion showed in all group of water extract roselle calyx, which showed greater
significant elevating of uric acid in urine was at dose 185 mg/kgBW. The greater result of antihyperuricemia
effectivity had water extract of roselle calyx at dose 46,25 mg/kgBW.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33508/jfst.v2i1.694