Pembibitan Tanaman Purwoceng (Pimpinella pruatjan Molk) dengan Abu Vulkanik

Heru Sudrajad, . Suharto, . Fauzi


Purwoceng (Pimpinella pruatjan Molk) represents one of the plantation medicines of Indonesia, which its
population was almost extinction (endangered). Purwoceng represent the original plant of Indonesia with the
swampy forest limited so that need special effort to preserve. Purwoceng represents the endemic species
which was growing in the mountain with the height of 1.800-3.500 m dpl in West Java (Pangrango
Mountain), Central Java (Dieng plateau) and East Java. Purwoceng seeds represent the highly cost commodity,
which is observed by a lot of jamu industry. Volcano dusty from Kelud mountain eruption on Thusday, 12
February 2014 diseminating widely and reach the region Yogyakarta, Central Java and West Java. The
volcano dusty could give the fertility of land and plant. It became the good materials for media planting. This
research was conducted in Medicinal Plant and Traditional Medicine Research and Development Centre with
Complete Random Device Methods, by using the volcano dusty media of Kelud mountain with the treatment
of giberelin 0 (control), 25, 50 and 75 ppm. The research showed that the purwoceng seed with the addition of
giberelin 25 ppm gave the best result of growth, the average of total leaf was 6,7 pieces, the length of handle
was 6,11 cm and the length of root was 11, 7 cm with the colour of leaf was yellow green at 3 month olds.

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