The Effecto of Using Deductive Approach and Inductive Approach in Teaching English to Students on Their Conditional Sentence Mastery (An Experimental Study)

Limris Gorat, V. Luluk Prijambodo


This study investigates the effect of using deductive and inductive
approach in teaching English to students on their conditional sentence
mastery. This study also intends to describe the students’ perception
toward deductive or inductive teaching approach. This study was a
queasy experimental study which compares the effectiveness of deductive
and inductive approach in teaching conditional sentences. The sample of
this study is 64 SMK students in the academic years of 2012-2013. The
students consist of two classes and each class comprises 32 students. The
findings indicate that inductive teaching approach is more effective than
deductive approach when used to teach conditional sentences. The result
of the questionnaire indicates that students like the inductive approach
and they are satisfied taught using inductive approach

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