The Grammatical Errors Encountered in Spoken English of Indonesian Ex Singapore Female Laborers

. Erik


The language mostly used by the subjects when they worked in
Singapore is English. However, the writer found that many subjects of the
study under report were still influenced by their mother tongue, in this
case Bahasa Indonesia, and also by their employer in the past. This
condition made those subjects often produce wrong sentences. The
situations above motivated the writer to conduct a study on analyzing the
subjects’ errors in spoken English. In gaining the data, the writer used a
small tape recorder to record all the interviews spontaneously answered
by the subjects, a note book to write down the subjects’ data completely
and also a camera to take a picture of the interviewing process. After
analyzing the data, the prediction of the causes of errors were not only
because of the mother tongue influence or because of the employer’s
influence in the past but also because of the reflection of general
characteristics of rule learning such as incomplete application of rules,
and failure to learn conditions under which rules applied as well.

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