Andrias Tri Susanto


This article reports the results of a descriptive quantitative research study on teacher candidates’ reflection on instrumental motivation. The research instrument used was a questionnaire containing thirteen items asking about the teacher candidates’ future goals, estimated time to achieve the goals, underlying reasons of joining in the English Department, and possible alternatives that they could probably have in relation to their attempt of achieving the future goals, and how they perceive themselves as student-teachers. The results showed
that before studying in WMCUS most of the students, as many as 86.48%, considered having a professional career as the most important future goal than other goals, which they (48.64%) wanted to achieve between five and 10 years from the year the data was collected. Also, 43.24% of the participants considered that joining the ED as one of the means to pursue the future goals even though 56.75% of the participants acknowledged that the ED in WMCUS was not the first choice. The participants also regarded themselves as ordinary individuals who were not very enthusiastic in pursuing their future goals and they were motivated as long as the circumstances allowed them to (45.94%). It was also found that the instrumental motivations changed overtime.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33508/mgs.v1i47.2441