Adinda Sarah Shafira, Ignatius Harjanto


All language skills, including writing requires practices. One of the writing practices is writing journals. Of the challenging practices is organizing ideas. Although the students are good at grammar, vocabulary, mechanics, and idea development, they can be in difficulties in organizing their ideas. The purpose of this study is to describe the organization including coherence and unity of journal writing. The data sources of this study are 76 journals written by the third semester students of an English Department in Surabaya. The data were collected from Schoology since the students submitted all the journals in Schoology. The findings showed that most of the journals written by the students were organized completely consisting of orientation, sequence of events and re-orientation chronologically. The findings also showed that the students tended to use grammatical cohesion rather than lexical cohesion to achieve coherence. Lastly, the journals written by the students were mostly unified in which each paragraph has a main idea supporting ideas.

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