The Effect of Question-Answer Relationship on the Reading Comprehension Score of the First Graders of SMK

Lilla Roosantie


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of applying
Question Answer Relationship (QAR) in reading comprehension
achievement This study is quasi experimental study with non-random
assignment. Two groups (experimental and control) taken from two
classes of Computer -Networking specialization were involved each
group consists of 32 students. To control the internal threat the
researcher put into consideration to sample selection, instrument and
pre-testing. The data was collected based on the data collection
procedure: selection the sample, preparing lesson plan, preparing
instrument administering the pre-test, carrying out treatment, and
administering the pot-test. The researcher compared and tested the mean
score at the .05 level of significance determine whether the effect of the
treatment was significant. The result of this research leads to a
conclusion that the students taught using QAR achieved better scores in
reading comprehension. In other words, QAR improves the students
reading comprehension.

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