Inner Circle English Cultural Senses Found in Interlanguage XII

Rycha Rany Susanto, Ignatius Harjanto


The learning of culture is unavoidable in the learning of English
since cultural values are embedded in the body of language. In order to
communicate effectively, language learners need to be culturally aware of
what their utterances might convey. As one of important factors in
successful language learning process, English course books should foster
English cultural issues and support learners to be culturally competence.
The study investigated cultural contents of the inner-circle English
countries in an English course book entitled Interlanguage XII, which has
been approved by Badan Standar Nasional Pendidikan (BSNP). The
inner-circle English cultural contents were investigated through the
theory of four senses of culture by Adaskou et al (1990). The all four
senses of culture were included in Interlanguage XII. The results
indicated that the highest percentage is the presence of pragmatic sense,
while the least sense was the sociological sense. The results also showed
that even though the all four sense were present, the frequency among
those four was not balance. This implies the aim and the emphasis of the
course book in the foreign language learning; the course book emphasize
more on the use of language instead of its grammatical and structural

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