The Implementation of KWL Teaching Technique to Improve Students’ Reading Achievement of The Third Graders of Masa Depan Cerah Elementary School

Theresia Ayu Kusdwiharini


Understanding a text employs the high level of reading
comprehension technique. The reading achievement score of Masa Depan
Cerah (MDC) elementary school students, especially those of the third
graders were quite low, that is 65 (the average score), which is below the
minimum passing mark (70). Among the problems that occur in the third
graders’ reading class, the innapropriate teaching teachnique was the
main cause. To overcome the low reading achievement for the third
graders of Masa Depan Cerah (MDC) elementary school, KWL (Know,
Want and Learn) technique was selected to be applied to the teaching of
reading. KWL helps the students to activate their schemata to
comprehend the text enjoyably. Since it provides the students opportunity
to comprehend the text through class discussion, games, pictures
identification etc.. By doing so, the students would increase their reading
comprehension achievement score. Nevertheless, the teaching reading is
successfully done through the implementation of KWL

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