Developing Games for Young Learners to Learn English Using Adobe Flash Cs3

MV. Joyce Merawati BRR.,, Achmad Faisal Aini


Children like to play games with computers. This stimulates
teachers and parents to make use of computers to enhance the children’s
learning. However, most of the available games are not in line with the
school curriculum. Creative teachers usually like to develop suitable
teaching materials for their learners. Through this paperwe would share
our experience when developing a vocabulary game for elementary
school learners although our knowledge about computer programs is
limited. This paper talks about the process of developing the game
starting from some considerations when preparing and deciding the
game, selecting topic, words, until writing short texts so that they are line
with the English curriculum of primary schools in Indonesia. Some
technical processes using Adobe Flash CS3 are discussed briefly to make
it user friendly for young learners. Finally, the pedagogical aspects of the
game, the problems encountered and the solution are explained

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