A System Approach to Bahasa Indonesia

Damatius Wagiman Adisutrisno


In the last few decades, there have been a lot of undesirable
changes in Bahasa Indonesia. The undesirable changes occur through
coining new words, borrowing words from other languages, especially
English, blending Bahasa Indonesia words and acronymizing words.
Bahasa Indonesia users seem to exercise their complete freedom in using
language. There is no control in coining words, borrowing words,
blending words, and acronymizing words. The loss of control that leads
to free will and right to use Bahasa Indonesia has caused Bahasa
Indonesia chaos. If the free will and free right are not curbed, there will
certainly be greater chaos. System approach teaches that Bahasa
Indonesia serves the function as an official language and a national
language. This function has to be maintained and preserved. If
individuals belonging to Bangsa Indonesia continue to exercise their free
will and free right in using Bahasa Indonesia, it can be predicted that
Bahasa Indonesia will change from Indonesian Identity to British

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33508/mgs.v0i34.602