The Lexical Phrases Employed in The Thesis Abstracts of English Department Students

Agustinus Ngadiman


Lexical phrases employed in the thesis abstracts of English
Department students is the focus of the present study. The sources of the
data were randomly selected from the thesis abstracts of the English
Department students writing thesis for one of the requirements for the
Bachelor degree. There are four kinds of lexical phrases employed :in
students’ thesis abstracts; (a) verbal phrases, (c) noun phrases, (c)
prepositional phrases, and others, typically longer clausal structures. The
functions of those lexical phrases are (a) Reporting what other say, (b)
Describing problems (c) Describing situation (d) Presenting results (e)
Research and study aims (f) Expressing points of view (g) Expressing
degrees of certainty (h) Presenting argument (i) connectors (j)
Comparing and contrasting (k) Summering and (l) conclusion

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