The Effects of DRTA Reading Technique on the Senior High School Students’ Reading Comprehension Achievement and Reading Behaviors

Maria Agatha Dinda Paskarini


This study was done to find out the effect of DR-TA to Senior
High School students’ reading comprehension and also their reading
behavior during the reading activity. In order to answer the problems
formulated, the experiment was held, two classes were used. One class
was the control class and another was the experiment class. The subjects
of the study were students from Grade XI social program of Senior High
School. The 50 students were chosen randomly. The treatment was given
seven times. Before the treatment, a pretest was given to each group, and
then after all of the treatment was given, a posttest was held. The score of
the two tests was then processed by ANCOVA.
The result of the data analysis showed that the two reading techniques
gave different effects on students’ reading comprehension and reading
behaviors. Based on the statistical analysis, the students who were taught
by DR-TA showed higher reading comprehension achievement progress
than the control group who were taught using ARAD. The result of the
questioner and video observation showed that most of good reader
behaviors were done by the experimental group while less of the control
group did them. However, some of good reader behaviors were not done
by most of both groups.

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