The Effects of Questioning Strategy in Teaching Simple Poetry in Introduction to English Literature

Antonius Gurito, Agustinus Ngadiman


This study aims at determining the effects of questioning
strategy in teaching simple poetry in introduction to English literature. A
quasi-experimental study applying a pretest-posttest control group design
was employed. A sample of 99 students was purposefully selected from
the accessible population of S1 students taking Introduction to English
Literature at an English Department Surabaya. The experiment was
conducted for 16 weeks. Two types of data were collected: the students’
scores of reading comprehension and the types of questions generated by
the students. Two types of test, and objective reading comprehension test
and a subjective reading comprehension test were administered. The
study proved that both provided and generated questions promote reading
comprehension better than reading-only. The study also proved that selfquestioning
is the most effective strategy for comprehending selections

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