(Bahasa) Iklan: Memahami dan Memanfaatkannya sebagai Materi Pelajaran Bahasa

Ignatius Harjanto


In modern life, people cannot avoid persuasion from
advertisements. Advertisers employ techniques to make claims for their
products. The advertisers promise and claim in such a way that
consumers may buy the products even when they do not really need them.
People may disagree with and question the promises and claims of
advertisements. The fact is that more consumers including students
believe promises and claims in the advertisements than those who
question them. Consumers who question the promises and claims of
advertisements argue that advertising is childish, dumb, and a bunch of
lies. This article discusses the language of advertising and how
advertisers persuade and argue. To clarify the discusion, examples of
claims used in the advertisements are given. The paper is ended with
discussion of using advertisements for language teaching materials

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33508/mgs.v0i27.643