Speech Modification by Science Teachers in Presenting Science Using English

Ivonny Rakhmawati Pellondo"u, B. Budiyono


This case study was conducted to explore the speech
modification by science teachers in presenting science in English. There
were two subjects, science teachers at the third and fourth grade levels.
The data were collected by recording the teachers’ voice while they were
teaching science in their class and interview protocols. The findings show
that the teachers have done some points as theoretically claimed. In focus
on key words, the teachers in all meeting did not introduce the new words
more than twelve. Sometimes the teachers used words with personal
reference in presenting the materials. Shorter and less complex sentences
were also found in their teaching even though sometimes they also used
complex or long sentences. Repeating or paraphrasing sentences did not
show too much. The teachers asked intersperse questions almost in all the
meeting to dig students’ prior knowledge or sometimes just to review the
previous lesson. Most of the feedbacks were shown when students
mispronounced the words or they did not know how to spell the words. As
a conclusion, when the science teachers made their language more
comprehensible to their students by modifying how they talked in a
number of ways, the learning process becomes effective.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.33508/mgs.v0i27.646