Likewati Wibowo


This study analyzed the classroom interaction in an EYL classroom by describing its communication contents and patterns of interaction. The data were collected through classroom observation and semi-structured interview for the teacher. The writer observed the spoken communication between the EYL teacher and 39 fifth graders in a national elementary school using the video and audio recorders. Others, teacher’s interview and field notes were the supplementary data. Having been transcribed, the data were analyzed using the adapted form of FLint system. The results showed that asking questions (20.05%), giving information (10.09%), and repeating students response verbatim (6.65%) were the top three of the communication contents expressed by the teacher. On the other hand, the top three of the communication contents expressed by the students were students’ choral response to the teacher (17.61%), individual student response to the teacher (13.27%), student’s nonverbal behavior (4.84%). At last, the pattern of interaction revealed was still teacher-centered since most of the interactions were initiated by the teacher. In other words, the expectation of K13 in this study was not yet fulfilled. However, the students showed active participation during the lesson. This study can give valuable contributions to English teachers by broadening their horizon about EYL classroom interaction.

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