The Structure of the Narative Texts Written by the Students of ESP

Maya Sari, Stefanus Laga Tukan, Agustinus Ngadiman


In line with the objective of Writing 1; making the students
capable to write a good recount including a(n) (auto) biography texts and
narratives texts in grammatically correct and acceptable sentences in
English, the writer, hence, tries to investigate the quality of Writing 1
products, especially the narrative texts they produced. The data sources
of the study under report are Writing 1 students’ final semester test
papers of the even semester of the academic year of 2006/2007 and
2008/2009 in the EESP of WMSCU. The results of the analyses show that
the organization of the narrative of the excellent. Even though the
organizational patterns are varied, the readers are still able to follow the
compositions with a good understanding and feel the flow of the
compositions. In short, those compositions are understandable.

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