The Correlation between Intrinsic Motivation and Speaking Proficiency of the English Department Students.

Aventia Wilona, Agustinus Ngadiman, M.G. Retno Palupi


The purpose of the research was to find out whether there is a
correlation between intrinsic motivation and speaking proficiency. The
correlation research was conducted with the assistance of a motivational
questionnaire and speaking proficiency level as the instruments. Twenty
nine respondents, who were the students of the English Department of
Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya, participated in the
research. They took part in filling out the questionnaire and giving out
their recent Speaking Class grade. The data gathered were soon
correlated using Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient formula. The
findings show that there is a moderate correlation between intrinsic
motivation and speaking proficiency. Having Intrinsic Motivation in the
process of learning a foreign/second language helps people to achieve
better speaking proficiency. And through the research, the writer suggests
that motivation is indeed an important factor for the success of language
learning and acquisition in all aspects and skills; therefore, educators
and learners should perceive the importance of being intrinsically
motivated. The writer also suggests that in the future time, there should
be deeper researches regarding the types of motivation, as well as the
orientations of motivation.

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